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I’ve been selling on Poshmark for a few years now and it’s actually been a nice little source of money on the side for me! I don’t do Poshmark as a business (ie buy clothes just to resell them on the app), but for me it’s been a great way to get a little cash back on clothes I don’t wear anymore. I love that the app is pretty easy to use, and they take care of all the details for you, like handling payment, shipping, and sales tax. (PS- this isn’t sponsored; I really have had a great experience with it!) Click here to sign up for Poshmark with $10 off! Use my code TABITHANTHOMAS to sign up!

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If you’re looking to start your selling journey on Poshmark, here are my top tips to be successful, avoid headaches, and make the most out of the app! Read on…

All great listings have good photos!

Example of a plain backdrop and indirect bright light from my Poshmark closet!

Photographing your items well is so important to making sales and catching people’s attention. Here’s what I like to do to make items pop:

  • Use a plain backdrop (white sheets work well, or hanging your items in front of a neutral colored door is also great!)
  • Bright, indirect sunlight is best
  • Iron or steam your items to avoid wrinkles
  • Include photographs of the item being worn if possible (it helps people picture the fit!)
  • If there’s any damage or stains, make sure they’re clearly photographed! (Sometimes buyers will claim that there’s damage, and if the damage isn’t well shown in the listing, they can try to get their money back; trust me, it can be a mess!)

Accurate descriptions are a must!

Note the condition and whether it has tags still attached!

Just like I mentioned with the listing photos, be sure to accurately describe your items; it’s the best way to protect yourself as a seller from claims that the item received was falsely advertised. Here’s what I do:

  • Talk about the condition, including any stains, pulls, pilling, loose threads, etc. (it’s best to be nit-picky here!)
  • Include key works such as the retailer/brand, style category, item type, and the original item name from the retailer if you still have it (it helps people find your listing when they’re searching for a specific item!)
  • Listing measurements can be helpful, but not mandatory (a lot of people ask, but it’s up to you to go through the trouble if you want!)

Keep in mind shipping times!

Posh Ambassador requirements^

If you’re out of town and can’t ship right away, be sure to communicate with your buyer by leaving a comment on the item they bought letting them know when you plan to ship. Buyers can cancel their orders if they don’t get shipped within 7 days, so communication is key to ensure you don’t lose customers! If you’re looking to be a Poshmark Ambassador (more on this another time!), you must have a shipping average time of less than 3 days to qualify.

Keep extra shipping boxes on hand; they’re free!

Poshmark works with USPS to ship items, and they allow you to download and print shipping labels at home so shipping is a breeze! The Post Office has free flat rate boxes (not the express boxes; Poshmark doesn’t work with these!), so stock up on various sizes to ensure you’re prepared to ship all your sales quickly! You can use whatever boxes you have on hand as long as they’re still in serviceable condition (ie not broken or ripped or damaged), but I’ve always found using post office boxes is easy and professional-looking!

A note goes a long way!

Adding a personal thank you to your order when you pack it is a great way to garner a great review from your buyer! Some sellers include little gifts like candy or stickers, but it’s totally up to you! Since I do Poshmark to sell my old clothes, I don’t want to spend the money on stuff like this because I don’t make an overall profit on the things I sell, but if you do Poshmark as a business, it’s a nice way to get your own personal brand out there to ensure repeat customers!

Sharing helps you gain traffic!

Sharing your own listings across social media platforms, and sharing other people’s listings helps drive more traffic to your page! The more you give it out, the more attention (and potential buyers) you’ll get!

Beware of spam bots.

Sometimes, I’ll get comments on listings asking for super-specific details on an item, but the person hasn’t “liked” the item. There’s a lot of users that will spam listings with odd comments or ask for a ton of info, and they have no intention of buying the item. From my experience, I only answer questions on an item from people who legitimately like the item and may be interested in purchasing; just a little food for thought so you don’t waste your time! People will also comment asking for trades or transactions off the app, and this not only goes against Poshmark’s policies, but if you engage in deals off the app, it ensures you won’t have Poshmark’s protection if something goes wrong (like not receiving a fair trade or having people ghost you without paying). Always report spammy comments and block people if it becomes excessive or concerning!

Know what to do if someone disputes a purchase.

I mentioned it before, but Poshmark isn’t always free of buyers who will try to get their money back, so be prepared to address these situations if they come up. Basically, if a buyer receives their item and it’s not as described, they can file a report and then Poshmark will decide if they get a refund after contacting both the buyer and seller for details. What buyers can’t do is try to return an item they changed their mind on or simply didn’t end up liking, but that doesn’t stop some people from making false claims just to get their money back, or sending the wrong item back to you so you can’t resell (essentially stealing your item and getting their money back at the same time). Here’s what you can do to protect yourself:

  • Photograph everything clearly before you list the item, and before you ship, so you have evidence of the exact condition of the item and box when it leaves your hands.
  • Respond to any cases opened against you (ie when the buyer reports their purchase) as soon as possible; it helps ensure you get a fair judgement quickly.
  • Poshmark gives the seller a chance to dispute the buyer’s claims, so be as descriptive as possible, include photographs, and directly address the claims made against you to prove you’re not at fault.
  • If the buyer doesn’t return the exact item to you, or doesn’t return the item at all, contact Poshmark immediately. The buyer only has a few days to return the item and if they don’t, Poshmark will release your funds automatically and charge the buyer. If the item is returned, be sure to photograph everything and even take videos of you opening the box directly after it’s delivered to ensure there is evidence if the buyer did not return the right item.

Selling on Poshmark can be a lot of work, but it’s also a great way to earn a little back on your old stuff! I hope these tips help you on your journey!

Drop any questions below in the comments and follow my blog for more tips!

Xx Tabi

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