3 easy ways to make money with your blog & social media

Blogging and social media have become great ways for anyone to make a little extra cash on the side, or even have an avenue into a full-time career! It can get a little confusing if you’re new, so I’ve put together 3 easy ways for you to make an income using your blog and social media to help you get started…

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LIKETOKNOW.it / RewardStyle

Probably the most well known of the affiliate platforms, LTK has been the best and simplest way for me to earn supplemental income as an influencer. There’s tons of retailers on the platform, from popular fashion chains to home and baby, even some travel sites. Pretty much whatever your niche is, you can find products to link on this platform!

The way it works…

You do have to apply and be accepted to the platform, but if someone refers you (yours truly can give you a referral, just DM me on Instagram or leave me a comment here!), you can get approved quicker! The key is to have an established following (but no set number; I got approved at a little over 1,000 on IG) and regular, quality posts. It can take weeks to get approved, but don’t lose hope! If you don’t get it right away, you can always reapply in a few months; just focus on growing your already dedicated audience!


Poshmark is an awesome way to clean out your closet while also making a little extra cash! (Especially if you have designer items!) It’s really easy to list items, and Poshmark takes care of billing the buyer and arranging shipping for a small commission paid by the seller of each sale made.

The way it works…

Sign up! Use code TABITHANTHOMAS to sign up and save $10! Click this link to join: https://posh.mk/7mvNWAyfwkb

From there, post well-lit, quality pics of your items and be sure to accurately describe them so buyers don’t try and return them under false pretenses. Then, explore the app a bit and share to Posh Parties (basically special selling forums within the app dedicated to a specific category of item). This will get you more sales and help you network, especially since a large part of the app is about those social connections! If you have a dedicated social media platform, advertise your Poshmark closet! It really helps when people see you wearing something on social media in a cool setting; they might want to buy it from you!

My tip for Poshmark pricing is to start on the higher side (NOT price gouging though! You can get reported for that!) and be ready to negotiate down. People will offer just about anything so take it with a grain of salt and accept the price you feel your item is worth!

Affiliate Platforms

Basically the same as LTK (though sometimes with less web/blog shopping tools and more brand specific), a lot of brands have their own affiliate programs that you can apply for outside or instead of LTK so you can still get a commission when people buy through you! I will say, from my experience, Octoly, CJ Affiliate, and Impact are a few of my faves that offer not only a number of brands but also gifting campaign opportunities.

If you’re looking for an affiliate program from a specific retailer, try scrolling to the bottom of their site or the bottom of the browsing menu; that’s usually where they’ll put a link for anything like that!

I hope this helps you get started on your way to making it big as a blogger! Feel free to drop any questions in the comments and I’ll help any way I can!

Xx Tabi

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