Photography Tips for Editorial Photos

Editorial fashion photography is one of my favorite styles to work with! (Think the photos you see in Vogue and other fashion magazines and ads- super avant-garde, creative, maybe nonsensical, but always interesting & chic!)

From playing tennis in jeweled socks+sandals to being dressed to the nines at a fast food restaurant, there’s tons of ways you can add an editorial flare to your portfolio!

Keep reading for my top tips on how to give your photos the editorial edge…

Play with props + accessories

Props always make photos more fun! Think outside of the box when it comes to editorial photography: find a phone booth or colorful restaurant, hold your purse between your feet, or get creative with some glass and lipstick prints! The point is, unexpected feels editorial, and sometimes the less sense your photo makes, the more chic it’ll look!

Experiment with angles

Editorial photography always plays with unusual angles, and there’s lots to try. Have your photographer shoot from above or below on a staircase, while you’re standing on a high surface (like a rock or wall), or from ultra-low down. Sometimes you need to change your perspective to be successful! (Pun intended!)

Make big statements

This one’s more for your style than your photography! Editorial photos often contain lots of big fashion statements, whether that’s fluffy fabrics, fun prints, or daring color combos. I get a lot of my inspo from fashion magazines when I’m planning my looks, so take a flip through some prints or Pinterest (check out my Editorial Fashion board on Pinterest for some ideas!) before you plan your ‘fit! Try mixing in out-of-the-box pieces into your looks, like these feathered heels or a tulle skirt!

Zoom in

Ultra-close-ups can show off the artistry of accessories and makeup, and of course, your face! Details are important in editorial photography (especially when showcasing a product), so don’t be afraid to zoom or crop images to show off the little things!

Zoom out

When magazines want to make room for text on photographs, they often zoom out and make negative space part of the image. This not only looks great for those who love minimalism, but a little intentional bare-ness pulls the eye to you! My favorite way to make use of negative space is standing on a high spot with only sky behind; it’s pretty quick and easy to do no matter where you live!

Location, location, location

The same is true for property investment and photos: location is important! Think of locations and outfits that don’t go together: fringe or party outfits in the bare desert, tulle gowns in the sand dunes, or sequins at the pool.

Embrace the imperfections

Editorial photos tell stories, and stories aren’t always perfect. The unplanned often conveys the feeling of the photo even better than crisp, clean, posed photos, so don’t throw out the outtakes! (I personally love slightly blurry, grainy photos or the ones we snap while trying to get settings right!)

Editorial inspired photos are a great way to mix a bit of fun into your feed! All you need is a bit of inspo, a willing photographer, and some imagination!

Have any questions or want more tips? Drop ‘em below in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer! 🙂

Xx Tabi

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