MDM Style Diaries – Mini Golfing in the Mountains

During our much-needed getaway after hectic work schedules and family visits, the hubby suggested mini golf as a fun date-night activity & I couldn’t resist a second chance at the game after not playing for two years!

Speaking from personal experience, a little healthy competition keeps our relationship interesting! We love to laugh and have a great time teasing each other when it comes to games, so this was the perfect date night for us!

Also, I’ll admit, after spending most of the year shooting content for my socials on every vacation, I finally decided to pack light and take a break from constantly being camera-ready! The outfits I brought are on the casual side from what I typically post on IG, but I still brought a few things that really speak to my style! (Like a classic pair of Levi’s jeans + this organza tee dress!) Take a look & shop what I wore below!

Shop below…

MDM top tip- breaks are so important when it comes to work! Even when you love what you do, having a life outside your business is so important for your mental health. Sometimes you gotta put things down and focus on what really matters to gain a little perspective + clarity; taking breaks helps me regroup and evaluate my creative direction, too!

Making mental health and relationships a priority is tough sometimes, but so worth it! Here’s to taking breaks and living in the moment every now and again!

Xx Tabi

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