7 Secrets to Maintaining Beautiful Hair

Whatever your style preference, having healthy hair can be a one of the best accessories to complement any look! Even though I have a pretty lax hair routine, keeping up on my ‘do’s maintenance is a must for me, and I have a few tips and tricks to try to help you do the same!

1 | Halt Heat as Much as Possible

Okay, you’ve probably heard this one a LOT, but lemme tell you, as someone with semi-fine hair who also bleaches occasionally, too much heat can really fry your locks. There’s plenty of options for styling hair without heat: from texture creams to help you embrace and tame your natural curl, to foam rollers and overnight braids for extra texture and volume. Here are a few of the tools and products I love for heat-free styling…

Of course, if you have to use heat, use the lowest heat setting possible for your hair type, and use a heat protectant cream (like this one from Briogeo) to protect and hydrate prior to styling!

2 | Avoid Sulfates to Maintain Moisture and Color

Sulfates have been getting a lot of heat lately because they’re basically chemical cleansing agents in shampoos that can strip hair of its protective barrier and even color pigments! While a ton of brands are slowly starting to remove sulfates from their formulas, there are a lot out there that still have them, and going with a sulfate-free formula is the only way to go if you want to maintain your hard-earned style. Here are a few of my recommendations for sulfate-free shampoos…

3 | Find a Good Finishing Oil

Finishing oil helps smooth flyaway ends and also adds some moisture back to the length of your hair that might’ve been lost during styling. Go for one that’s not too thick if you have fine hair, or even a finishing lotion if you have thicker curls (see what I love below)!

4 | Mask Up Once A Week

And no, not that kind of mask! A good hair mask once or even twice a week helps hair look its best, especially if you do a lot of styling or regular coloring. I love ones that contain Shea butter because they really leave hair silky!

5 | Use Gentle Hair Ties

You probably already know this, but regular rubber bands and thin hair bands put a lot of stress on your hair follicles! They can cause breakage at your lengths and fall out at the root, so opt for a gentler option like a silk scrunchie. (Plus, they’re less likely to leave that infamous rubber band dent in your hair!)

6 | Sleep in Silk

Not only are silk pillowcases great for your skin because they don’t create a lot of friction, they’re also amazing for keeping split ends to a minimum! I personally have used silk or satin pillowcases for over 8 years, and I would never go back to regular ones! I started doubling up on the silk a few years ago and now use a silk hair cap at night in addition to the pillowcase to keep my hair out of my face (plus it helps keep tangles down and is surprisingly not hot or uncomfortable to sleep in!).

7 | Embrace Professional Treatments

Image credit: Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation

The reality is, we all need a little help from the pros sometimes! If you’re facing hair loss, try a treatment like Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation to restore the look of hair back to trouble spots. This treatment is a non-surgical way to restore the look of hair via micro tattoos that mimic hair follicles. The founder, Jeff Villenas, has helped thousands look and feel their best over the years, so if you’re looking for scalp micropigmentation in the Los Angeles, check them out!

Well there ya have it: my secrets for maintaining healthy, beautiful hair! Nothing too complicated, just the right kind of TLC is all it takes!

What hair are questions for you have? Drop them in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer!

Xx Tabi

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