MDM Style Diaries – “Calling All Fashionistas!”

I’ve always thought it would be so fun to do a pay phone photoshoot, and as we were driving through North Park the other day, I found one that was against a bright orange wall! Needless to say, we stopped and after a little (or a lot) of sanitizing, we got some great shots!

Outtake of me Clorox-wiping the pay phone…

Also, I’m dying to mention, my bag is actually a REAL Chanel phone tote!! (Don’t mind me, just fangirling over here…) It’s been my dream to have one of these iconic bags, and yes, truth be told, it is a rental from this designer bag rental service called Vivrelle that I recently discovered, but the excitement is just the same!! I don’t know what I’m going to do in a few days when I can return it for another rental…. The magic of Chanel is real!

My on-loan Chanel bag from Vivrelle!

Totally not sponsored (though I do get bonus points for referral signups), I do really love Vivrelle and their monthly designer bag rentals! I would never have been able to afford even a used Chanel bag (thanks to the brand’s recent price increases!), but getting to rent and style them is just as wonderful! I have the Classique membership, which is $99 a month and offers a great selection of items. If you want to rent pricier bags, there’s two other membership levels at higher price points that’ll get you there! The one I have has been great for me, and it’s pretty affordable too! Check out their plans here to see which is a good fit for you & see how I styled it below…

Here’s a close up at some of the accessories I paired with this look…

Shop my whole look below!

Xx Tabi

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  1. You are such a cutie! Look these photos and the pay phone idea! Thank goodness for Clorox wipes…haha!!😂

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