Designer Dupes – The Tendril Ring

Suddenly I’ve been seeing these enamel and crystal loopy-vine rings on my socials, and I must admit, I’m obsessed! They’re all at once playful and chic, heartening back to the Y2K trend that’s been taking this year by storm while also seeming inherently “grown-up”. I was so excited to snag me one… that is, until I saw the price…

The designer who started this trend is called Bea Bongiasca, and the brand’s real gemstone rings start around $500 for the cheapest pinky ring. I had to find a more budget-friendly alternative, ASAP!

Just a disclaimer- I have nothing but love and respect for designer brands and the artistry involved in creating beautiful fashion! But, I’m not gonna lie, affordability is also really important to me, and I just can’t afford to get designer everything. So, I write these posts linking both the designer product (where available) and the dupe so you can choose what feels right for you! No judgement here- just great style 😉 Read on…

You might be wondering what makes Bea Bongiasca’s rings so covetable (and pricey!), and like many authentic designer pieces, it’s the materials and craftsmanship that goes into each one. The rings are hand-enameled in Italy and contain real gold and silver, and are topped off with genuine crystals like topaz. For all of this, it makes sense that they’d be on the posh side of pricing!

The dupes I found on Etsy, on the other hand, give you a lot of that same look, but for a quality that’s a lot less couture (hence the significantly lower price tag). Both are great options for staying on-trend, but keep in mind that you don’t just pay for the designer label a lot of times; it’s the attention to detail too! That being said, I own the dupe version and haven’t had any issues so I think you’re good either way you choose! Shop my designer + dupe picks below and stay stylin’ my friends!



Xx Tabi

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