The Best Fashion Finds on Etsy

I’ve gotten a little bored lately with mainstream fashion. A lot of offerings from big retailers start to look the same after a while, and most pieces that I’ve been finding have lacked that uniqueness factor that really inspires me when it comes to clothes. I’ve been looking to shift my blog and social accounts to a more small-brand focus, and since I’ve been an avid customer on Etsy for a few years (primarily for vintage clothing and craft supplies), I thought I’d take a closer look at the fashion side of things.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! I found tons of unique, colorful, handmade styles that really helped me put the spring back in my style step! Everything from reworked vintage corsets to tulle dresses and unique bags; pretty soon my cart was full of over 30 items! (Disclaimer- I did reign it in quite a bit to be budget-conscious, but my wish list has definitely grown a LOT… And, the nice part is that you can get a lot of uniqueness and detailed pieces for a great price compared to buying from bigger designers!)

Here are all of the fab fashion finds currently on my Etsy wishlist…







Do you have a favorite fashion Etsy seller I should know about? Comment below!!

Xx Tabi

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