Brand Spotlight: Katy Perry Collections

I have an obsession with shoes. Not in like a joking, “I’m a fashion blogger so of course I like shoes” kind of way. I’m actually obsessed in a “I have 300 pairs of shoes with dwindling closet space but I keep buying more because I can’t help it” kind of way. I love odd styles and feminine details, Western flair and retro twists, runway and one-off samples; I really love ’em all!

But, after buying 300 pairs of shoes, you can probably imagine that I might be looking for some budget-friendly styles that feed my obsession without too much opposition from my hubby. Enter: Katy Perry Collections. I recently discovered this brand, and I love her quirky styles at an affordable price point! (Plus I’ve been a Katy Perry fan for years now!)

My top pick from her collection: The Henley

One of the core pillars of my style is a love for all things rainbow, so these stunning mules were a perfect fit (literally!) for all my outfit dreams! I actually first saw them worn by another style blogger I follow on Instagram, and have been on the hunt for them ever since! The Katy Perry Collections website still has a few sizes left in the white colorway (bonus- they’re on an INSANE sale!!) as well as more sizes in black and navy blue. Tap the photo or click here to shop!

My other favorites are the Geli sandals! I love the fruity shapes and colors, and (as a true 90’s kid) I’ve had a rekindled obsession with jelly sandals!

What’s your pick from Katy Perry Collections?

Xx Tabi

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