10 Y2K Beauty Trends That Need a Comeback

I’m a 90s kid, and if you remember that era too, you know there were so many beauty trends that dominated the scene back then: from the glam, the bad, and the downright weird. As I get older (I’m approaching the ripe old age of 26…) I find myself hearkening back to a brighter, body-glittered era gone by, so I thought I’d put together a trip down memory lane of all the nostalgic beauty trends of the late 90s/early 2000s that deserve a comeback ASAP!

1 | Body Glitter

As worn by The Queen herself, who didn’t have a ton of fun turning themselves into a human kindergarten art project?

2 | Borderline-Excessive Highlighter

I looove a good highlighted makeup look, and the early 2Ks were famous for an overload of dewy-ness!

3 | Outfit-Coordinating Eyeliner

I miss matching my liner to my clothes… No one did it better than Rihanna!

4 | Glossy Dark Lipstick

I’m all for a shiny, sultry lip color, and this is one look that can (and should) make a comeback ASAP!

5 | The Zig Zag Part

I LOVED this look back in the day, and rocked it constantly in elementary school! Since side parts are out (according to some), can we please make this a thing again?!

6 | Colorful Under-Eyeliner

I actually might recreate this one on MDM soon because I love it THAT much…

7 | Blue Eyeshadow

This was literally the only eyeshadow color I wore during my freshman year of high school…

8 | Purple Eyeshadow

I feel like I need to do more colorful shadow looks this season; lavender shades look especially sweet for Spring!

9 | Butterfly Clips

This one’s already making its way back into the world! Crossing my fingers that it stays ’cause I love a good Tyra Banks-inspired ‘do!

10 | Piecey, Face-Framing Layers

Gwyneth knew how to rock an updo, that’s for sure! I’ve slowly started adding more face-framing layers to my own style for that soft, undone vibe that was so loved back then!

In all seriousness, I have really been missing my childhood, especially with all the change going on in the world right now. It brings me joy to look back on these beauty trends and fondly remember rifling through my mom’s makeup bag to try and emulate them, while crimping my hair into a ball of frizz (notice how crimping isn’t a style I wanted to see return…). But, it’s also important to learn from the past, make what was good about it relevant for today, and I’m talking about more than just makeup or hairstyles!

What’s a beauty trend of the past that you still love?

Xx Tabi

One thought on “10 Y2K Beauty Trends That Need a Comeback

  1. Since I was a teen in the 80’s, one thing that comes to mind that should NEVER make a comeback is the Aquanet Hairspray trend….and perms….hmmm….and putting perm solution in my hair and combing it through when I grew tired of the perm and decided I wanted paper straight hair again….I think my hair has just now forgiven me for all the cruel things I did to it in the 80’s….oh, but Maybelline mascara, in the OG formula, pink and green tube, in jet black…that was a good one! I used to love that stuff….and fringe suede boots….yesssss, those should make a comeback!! Ha, Ha 😉

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