Trend Alert: Spring Basics from H&M

Ah Spring. My favorite fashion season is now officially upon us and I couldn’t be happier! Pastels, florals, light and airy dresses; I love everything this season has to offer! But, while it’s easy to get caught up in the froth and frippery of Spring, one trend has come onto the scene this year to counter the frills: Basics.

An easy way to transition back to “normal” clothes from our year of sweats and PJs, these fresh, clean silhouettes are as impactful as they are quick to throw on. I mean, who thought looking put-together would be so simple? What was once thought of as complimentary or layering pieces are now making up entire looks on their own. Now, I know what you’re thinking. My style isn’t exactly one for simplicity, and I usually follow a ‘more is more’ kind of philosophy when it comes to dressing. But, despite my love for the extra and editorial, many of my running-around-town looks are actually more on the simple side. When my hubby and I go out for dinner, I my go-to look is usually a sweater under a menswear-inspired blazer with fitted jeans and boots (peep some of my recent date-night looks below). I get a lot of inspo from models’ (like Elsa Hosk) casual-chic off-duty looks when I’m not styling for MDM, so this new trend really integrates well into how I love to dress the other half of the time!

Anywho, tailoring is the key to these straightforward pieces looking so powerful, though, so if you decide to hop on this trend, focus on cut and fit more than anything! Another tip that I’m big on when it comes to basics- don’t spend a ton of money! While there is something to be said for the artistry of high designer brands, for the most part I’ve found the end result is pretty much the same when you’re wearing something simple. I personally save my dollars for those unique, elaborate, MDM designer classics and put very little into my everyday wear. Plus, so many retailers now offer high end dupes or similar silhouettes, so doing your research can help you achieve some chic looks without a posh budget. (Just my two cents- fabulous fashion and high-price don’t always go hand-in-hand!)

Now, if you’re looking for some basics that don’t feel blah, try opting for a rainbow of pastel colors (there’s the MDM coming out…)! H&M is where I find a lot of my basics and they have a great selection of seasonal hues to keep things interesting. Here’s my top pics from the brand (and they’re all under $50 a piece!):

Shop all my picks here!

Here’s to a fresh new start this Spring! Which of these beautiful basics would you rock?

Xx Tabi

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