Statement Eyewear Every Fashionista Needs

Eyewear really is the cherry on top of any great outfit! I myself have a bit of an obsession with fun and funky eye accessories, from blue light blocking glasses to sultry sunnies. Peep a few of my favorite eyewear looks…

Larger-than-life eyewear is having a major moment this year, too, so this is one trend you should definitely get a jump on! Here’s the peepers I’m shopping for this Spring…

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Blue light glasses are something I’ve just gotten into lately! I’m constantly on my computer and phone (my screen time reports regularly run upwards of 8 hours a day…) so wearing these glasses really help a lot with my eye fatigue. The real perk of wearing these, though, is that they’re another excuse to wear a standout accessory every day!

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I can’t wait to style more looks around my eyewear this Spring! Are you loving this trend?!

Xx Tabi

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