Don’t get me wrong, I’m a definite lover of fashion. I love all things big and sparkly and over-the-top gorgeous, but sometimes all this pomp and circumstance isn’t the best for our planet. The good news is, it is possible to have the looks that you love while exercising a little environmental concern! Check out my list below of some of my favorite sustainably-minded brands and my must-have from each!

I get it, it can be really difficult sometimes to incorporate sustainability into your looks when the world of fashion is fast-paced and filled with trend after trend that seem to come and go quicker than a special on a fast food menu. It often takes a lot of research to find brands who go beyond greenwashing and honestly make a solid effort to make their products sustainably and ethically. I know I personally don’t always have the amount of time it takes to be well-versed in this particular subject, but I do find myself wanting to make an impact through making conscious choices, especially when it comes to fashion! The real question is: what are some realistic steps towards making these choices? Enter… My Fashion Sustainability Tips checklist! (I’m a fan of lists, can’t you tell?) See below for some easy ways I’ve been staying mindful about my impact!

I also wanted to touch on something that I’ve been doing that isn’t listed here: clothing rental services. I could (and probably will) do a whole other blog post on my newfound love of these services, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about this specifically from the sustainability perspective. Over the past few years, and especially since I created MDM, I’ve noticed that I’ve amassed a large, and I mean large, amount of clothing, shoes, and accessories that, if I’m honest, I will probably never wear again (or at least wear so little that it doesn’t really justify having them). When we moved, it became apparent at the amount of waste I was not only creating, but lugging around (See my Closet Organization- Trials, Tips, and Tricks post), and after some conversations with friends and even my own hubby, I realized that both the planet and my wallet would greatly appreciate some revision. What I’ve found is that, by allowing clothing items to be recirculated instead of worn once and tossed, waste can be conserved and fashion becomes more responsible. And while I’ll save my review of the rental services for another day, I would recommend checking them out as a more sustainable and cost-friendly way to satisfy your fashion sweet tooth! 
Also, just a disclaimer, I know the issue of sustainability in the fashion industry is a huge, entangled problem that can’t necessarily be solved by just the tips in this post (in fact, many would consider partaking in fashion in general to be the issue), but my encouragement here is that, through mindfulness of our choices as consumers, we can better understand the impact we have on the planet while still indulging in the lifestyles we enjoy. After all, it’s the little things that can add up to a big impact, and that’s what I try to keep in mind as I go on my glittery way!

Xx Tabi

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