My Style Is…

I always get asked, “How do you describe your style?” and I’ve never really known how to answer! Until now, that is… 

A few days ago, a friend sent me a DM on Instagram saying “You’re like a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw!” and it got me thinking! Like all good fashionistas, I’m clearly a Carrie fan, but I wondered if my style evolution has become a little too…is bohemian the right word?… to be associated with such an icon. And plus, I’ve never really had a defined style! For every check in the Carrie B. column was another in a place that seemed…well…on a different planet than the well-thought-out chic outfits she styles in the tv series and movies. I’m a fan of the preppy and love a designer pair of shoes; as a former ballerina, I swoon over a bell-like tulle skirt in a soft shade of pink. I love statement pieces and taking fashion risks, but the daring has occasionally become the distracting, and overstatement becomes an understatement when it comes to the pieces that lurk in the depths of my closet.

So, after much internal deliberation and dinner conversations with my other half, I’ve decided that my style is officially Beach Hippie meets Carrie Bradshaw! Before it gets too confusing, let me explain: growing up in SoCal, I’ve seen a lot of weird, wacky styles both on the beach and off. From the disco-inspired roller rink styles of Venice and the avant-garde LA arts district, to the ultra-tie dyed streets of Ocean Beach coupled with the 60s surf vibe that permeates coastal towns from La Jolla to Huntington, I’ve been inspired and almost dazzled by the swirling kaleidoscope of cultures I grew up with. Hence my penchant for the barefoot and offbeat outfits that pop up every so often on my social media feeds. Throw in a little Carrie-like excess and a mound of chic shoes and you’ve got…my style to a tee! (No pun intended…well maybe a little!)

So there you have it, a style defined! And in a single paragraph no less! Well, sort of at least… That’s the thing about fashion that I love the most: it changes! For me personally, it’s a form of self-expression that’s quicker than painting, easier than writing songs, and less permanent than a haircut. Trends come and go, but hopefully what you’re left with is the evolution of yourself in garments that seek to tell your own personal story. All you need to do is embrace the crazy along with the sane, and you too can find your inner hippie-meets-Carrie. What that means exactly is up to you! *wink wink*

Xx Tabi

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