Highlighting My Favorite Unique Brands and Small Businesses!

Hi friends! Connecting with people is so important, especially given the current climate out there. As many of us are staying home and most of the stores are closed, I thought I’d share some of my favorite fashion-related small businesses and unique brands to help fulfill your e-shopping needs! Purchasing from a small business has a huge positive impact, especially in times of economic uncertainty, and it allows you to not only discover new and exciting things, it also gives you the chance to connect with some amazing people! I personally love incorporating quirky and one-of-a-kind pieces into my looks, and I’ve made a ton of friends in the quest for funky wares! Speaking of the quest for quirk, I’ve also found so many unique fashion brands that add an extra dose of pizazz to outfits, so I wanted to highlight a few that I’ve been loving lately!

I’ve curated a list of my favorites below, and I’d love to hear your favorite brands and small businesses! Happy browsing!

Jay Davis Bags ( @jaydavisbags )

Bespoke and One-of-a-Kind Handbags

I have known Jess of Jay Davis Bags since I moved to Denver, and I fell completely in love with her unique work! I found her on Instagram when I was researching local artists for my then-upcoming wedding, and she collaborated with my husband to make the bag that was his graduation present to me. She also made the ring pouch that we used for our big day, and the clutch my mom wore with her Mother of the Bride look! She does incredible bespoke bags (ahem, the gorgeous moon-studded “rhinestone cowgirl” crossbody below!)and her creativity is off the charts! Bonus– I use her bags as wall art for my home when they’re not in use! (Speaking of that, she also makes AMAZING leather art for the home; check out @jaydavisstudio for some chic interior styles you won’t want to miss!)

Cult Gaia ( @cultgaia )
Breezy, Modern Clothing and Accessories with a Dose of California Cool

Instagram for the win again! I found this brand while social networking and I just LOVE their unique handbags, shoes, clothing, jewelry… well, everything! Being a California girl originally, and always at heart, I love the relaxed yet structured look of their wares, especially the handbags (see pic below)! (Which have totally obliterated my previous idea that a bag’s purpose is solely to tote your necessities…) Check out their insta and you will always find major inspo and good vibes!

Lack of Color ( @lackofcoloraus)
Getaway-Worthy, Highly Instagrammable Hats

I think hats just might be my new thing… I’ve really been having fun with them lately! Lack of Color is a dreamy Australian brand with the most unique hats at great prices! I just bought their Scalloped Dolce Hat (pictured) and I will for sure be going back for more!

Primecut Bags ( @primecutbags )
Shearling-Chic Handbags and Leather Accessories

A brand that’s both sustainable AND stylish?! Yes, please! This lovely brand makes unusual bags, backpacks, and other accessories from dead stock materials or those that are leftover from the agricultural industry, so nothing goes to waste! A few of their designs have even made appearances online at Anthropologie! Their bags are beautiful, funky, and add that extra pop to any outfit!

Rachel Burke ( @imakestagram )
Last, But Not Least…. Fabulous Tinsel Frocks

This just might be the best Instagram find ever… Handmade wearable art, made of TINSEL?! What more could this sparkle lover dream of?! I found this amazing Australian designer last summer, and I have been absolutely hooked ever since! As a girl who’s always loved dress-up, glitter, performing, and anything that’s generally over the top despite my previously shy disposition(much to the surprise of my folks), these fantasy tinsel dreams spoke right to my roots of wearing dramatic, fluffy costumes and traipsing around onstage. These are closet stunners for sure, and each one is one-of-a-kind! The reasons are endless why this brand deserves a follow, even if it is just to get your fix of dreamy tin-spiration! (See what I did there?)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of my favorite unique brands and fashion-related small businesses! Stay tuned for more lovely looks and style tips! 

Xx Tabi

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